Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mulching, Raking, & Blowing Leaves

There has always been a debate on whether to mulch the leaves with a mower, rake the leaves, or blow them. Either way it is always a good idea to get them up as too many leaves on the ground can smother and kill your grass.  You can mulch leaves with the mower if there are not too many.  However, if there are a ton, they would smother your grass.  If you did this, I would recommend bagging them with the mower. Raking is good for the yard as it helps remove thatch as well.  Unfortunately, a good sized yard can be back breaking and very time consuming, not to mention the tons of bags left on the curb.  What we do is blow the leaves out to the street.  After that, we will suck them up with a machine. With the right blowers it will also help remove the thatch as well.  There will be no bags left on the street. This seems to be the most cost efficient and a lot less time consuming.


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