Friday, June 14, 2019

Customer Service

Due to recent customer service experiences, I have found inspiration to vent.  We have recently contacted at least 25 different companies throughout DeSoto and Shelby County all the way up to Jackson, Tennessee for a difficult project quote.  Of those 25 companies, only five made contact.  And of those five, I could very easily make at least one complaint about each company.  I will not name names of any, but the first company came highly recommended through a friend.  We are trying to remain patient as we are still tentatively dealing with them, even though there are several communication issues.  We received a separate quote from a company in Jackson, but the guy simply did not quote us on our requests, but what HE deemed feasible.  Another guy never showed the weekend he was scheduled and was nothing but rude when he finally made it.  He behaved in a manner that made us feel like we were a burden.  The next company took several days to return the call and also did not show up when expected.  When he did he was drunk, did nothing but bad mouth the competition, and brag about a law suit in which he was involved.  Finally, the last company that showed was entirely professional, remained in good communication for a few days, but then just ***POOF*** disappeared. 

I was beyond irritated and stressed out dealing with this.  With that being said, the purpose of this blog is to simply let you know to always read the reviews.  If a company has one star on multiple sites, there is probably a reason as to why.   Here at Mow & Blow Lawn Service, LLC we always have and will continue to strive to return every call or service request in a timely manner even if we are booked or if you happen to call the wrong company.  We do not want our clients or potential clients to experience and feel the way we did.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kentucky Weekend Getaway

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with lawn care, but having writer's block, I am going to write about a recent weekend getaway trip I took to Bowling Green, Kentucky.  For those of you who do not know, Bowling Green is about an hour north of Nashville off I-65.  I found out about this place after stopping here with family back in 2008.  This was now my fourth trip.  I will start with the southern most hot spots and work my way north.  Off east exit 22 was our hotel, a Quality Inn, a mediocre hotel with great breakfast and the allowance of pets for an additional fee.  The day receptionist was simply wonderful.  The room was small yet clean, the beds comfortable, and the shower had a few draining issues, but I would definitely stay here again.  Head west on exit 22 (Scottsville Road) you will soon come to the Greenwood Mall which by no means is a Wolfchase Galleria, I would say a bigger, better Oak Court Mall with a rad food court.  Of course the original intent to visit this mall was to go to Old Navy and purchase their flip-flops on dollar flip-flop day which of course I was a day off and had to pay full price.  I sucked it up and still walked out of there with a bag full of summer delight shoes anyway.  

Shortly yonder of this mall is perhaps one of the greatest cave systems I have personally seen in Kentucky called Lost River.  Along with gem mining, you can hike beyond the butterfly exhibit, zip line amongst the trees, become one with a blue hole, but most importantly experience one of the many hidden features of Kentucky, the Lost River Cave, an underground cave that you can explore upon a river.  Naturally, this place is pet friendly.  

If you get back on the highway and head north, exit 28 is where you would get off and head west to Beech Bend.  If you have children, I would highly recommend spending an entire day here.  You will find that 39 dollars will get you an all day pass to both the amusement and water park where they also provide SPF-30 sunscreen.  The amusement park itself contains one big wooden roller coast and a few small ones while the rest of the rides will remind you of ones you will see at a county fair.  There is also a petting zoo, which only consisted of goats and not the fainting ones either.  Unfortunately, being pregnant, I was limited on the stuff I could do so I spent much of the day in the lazy river. 

Exit 48 off I-65 is what you would take to go to Mammoth Cave National Park which consists of over 400 miles of caves.  Now, I personally have not been to this cave but eventually intend to.  This is one of the largest tourist attractions in the area.  
Five miles north of that exit is my favorite exit in Kentucky for a multitude of reasons.  Number one, the world's best A & W fast food restaurant exists here.  The nearest one to here is off exit 108 in White House, Tennessee but I would strongly recommend avoiding that one like the plague.  This exit, number 53, will lead you to some rad little general stores and gift shops if you head west.  After you pass these stores you will come to Kentucky Action Park.  I spent 35 dollars for an all day family pass.  This allowed the kids to ride the ski-lift countless amounts of time.  At the top of the ski-lift, they could head down the mountain in a competitive manner on what are called alpine slides or if I felt like splurging some more, zip lines.  Aside the alpine slides, there are bumper boats, bumper cars, go-carts, and mini-golf.  There are many other things to do on this strip like Dinosaur World, a wax museum, fudge factory, and a Mammoth Cave animal exhibit we have done in the past along with other things that we have not attempted yet.  
Just a few miles north you will approach Horse Cave Kentucky's Kentucky Down Under.  This is a must stop.  From the outside it appears to be rather lame, but I promise this is a great way to spend the afternoon.  This place is dog friendly as long as leashes and good behavior entail.  Basically, it is a smaller Australian dedicated zoo with good food at a fairly inexpensive price.
I cannot really tell you much more about what is north of this exit.  I personally know that in Elizabethtown, the Comfort Inn & Suites is a nice hotel to stay.  North of that is Louisville, but other than a family wedding, I have not spend much time there but plan to in the future.  Kentucky is a place I would seriously consider relocating to, but of course not until the kids are grown.  The crime is low, the education system is better, and the people seem friendlier.  Kentucky!!  Just go!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Reputation To Generate Leads

It had been brought to our attention from several customers that certain lead generating sites have been using our name and good reputation to generate leads.  They use our name to lead you to believe that you the customer are going to receive an estimate from us and only us.  However, this is not the case.  By going to these sites, your information is being compromised and sent out to multiple companies that may or may not be an accredited business, have a five star rating, or the reputation we withhold.  We strongly advise you and those you refer to us, to simply give us a call directly, follow us on any social networking site, or this website alone. We cannot stress this enough that these lead generating programs are simply in it for the money.  Please refer to our very first blog entry from 2016.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Past Due

Since we have started this business eleven years ago, we have never raised our rates or assessed late fees.  As times become tougher, the overwhelming amount of customers who wait months on end before making any payment, yet still expect services to be rendered, increases.  We finally have decided to start charging late fees.  As this is a business, we count on customer payments as they count on our services.  Along with standard business expenses, we have employees to pay, equipment to be serviced, rent, etc.  Last year alone we charged off several thousand dollars in unpaid services.  Please comment below to discuss any concerns or thoughts.  Thank you to those who pay in a timely manner.  We do appreciate everyone's business and referrals.

Monday, January 29, 2018

2017 Bartlett Holiday Parade - December 2nd, 2017.

We found that the parade was one of the best and cheapest forms of advertising, not to mention it was a total blast.  It was wonderful to get the family and entire team together for this fun-filled Saturday afternoon.  We had two crew members operating zero-turn mowers and spinning all over Stage Road while in the trailer two of the guys were letting it snow!!!  Mrs. Claus was even unloading stockings filled with candy to the crowd!!

Tips for next parade:
1.  Bring a tire repair kit.
2.  Buy more candy.
3.  Do not drink an entire pot of coffee beforehand.
4.  Do not walk the parade in heels.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Fall, Ya'll

It has been quite awhile since I have written a blog.  It is difficult to maintain blog entries during peak season, but I have a new office manager that seems to be on her game.  So from here on out, she will be the official Mow & Blow blogger.  In fact, this is her now.

Since I have joined this wonderful team, I have had the pleasure of having breakfast with the Better Business Bureau, joined the Bartlett Area Chamber Of Commerce, had delicious lunches, and met some amazing people.

At our very first Bartlett Area Chamber luncheon, we had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady, Rhonda Talbot, a representative for MidSouth Solutions, a company that can create and manufacture your company logo on Frisbees, hats, pens, signs, and just about anything else.

That same week, we had the pleasure of enjoying a boil sponsored by Atlantic Irrigation.  The staff at their Memphis warehouse are truly wonderful people.  The guys are very knowledgeable about the products they use.  I am also impressed that they mainly use chemical free pest control products.

The following day we had the pleasure of networking with Tony and Lora Lee Falasca.  Tony is a representative of CBD Oil Kills Cancer, oils that can be used on humans as well as household pets.  His oils can help with managing stress, anxiety, Alzheimer's, sciatica, obesity, fibromyalgia, and much more.  Although, I have not used Tony's sponsored product, I intend to soon.  His wonderful wife Lora Lee is a representative of Catering Memphis Events. I will state that her lunches are divine.  Also at this networking session we encountered Devan Dillard the marketing director for Two Men And a Truck, movers who care.  To me I found it extremely interesting that one tiny little small business has expanded nationwide.  Amongst this group we met a guest speaker, Dana McFeeters, who also assists in advertising your company's logo.  I will say, her personality is one that I could surely do business with. 

At last weeks meeting, I did have the pleasure of having a one-on-one with Dale Hill, the director of sales and marketing for Magtech Drug Testing, 24 hour on-site testing, a company we will be sure to use in the future.

Lastly, we cannot forget about Saba Automotive, a Honda and Acura specialist.  They have been in business since this past January.  They have only positive reviews on FaceBook.  We intend to give them a chance if we ever have a need to be met. 

Amongst the aforementioned people, we met a few realtors, brokers, printer specialists, and even had lunch with the mayor!! 

Thank you again for supporting our small business and please consider those mentioned in this blog if ever need be.  Remember, it is people like you that make us and other small businesses successful.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Wet Leaves

People always request to come get their leaves after the rain. Well wet leaves are the hardest to get or suck up.  This is because of all the extra weight from the water that they are retaining. We blow the leaves out to the street and then suck them up. With wet leaves it is even harder to move them around period. As you suck them up, it grinds them up which is like wet dust that just clumps up and clogs the machine. All of this makes each job take at least three times longer not to mention any of the tracking up of the soaked yard. All of this is one reason we try to wait as the grass in the fall or winter will not grow and any damage will be there most likely till spring.