Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Crepe Myrtle or Crepe Murder??

The crepe myrtle is a beautiful tree, but just that,  a tree.  If clipped correctly and left alone to grow, it will be absolutely beautiful.  However, at times they are planted in the wrong spot by either the homeowner or landscaper.  Most of the time it is too close to the house causing these to have to be cut back to prevent them from rubbing and messing up the house.  Eventually they will have to be removed as they will become too big.  Often times, you may even see them underneath power lines.  As they continue to grow, they become too big and grow into the lines which in turn causes these beautiful trees to be removed.  Once cut back, they will religiously have to be cut back.  Personally, I like to see them full grown and in bloom and never cut back.  I would also like to here anybody's thoughts on this.  Do you consider cutting them back as crepe murder?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gutter Cleaning

While doing gutters, I ran across this little nifty thing the other day.  I think it is a very good idea, especially for the under ground drainage which can get filled with debris and may be difficult to clean out if over a five or ten foot span.  This little thing is called a gutter trap.  It can be purchased from Lowe's for around six dollars.  The gutter trap assists with blocking most of the debris from going down.  You simply just clean the screen when needed. I would like to hear from anyone using them.  Please state the pros and cons of this this product.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mulching, Raking, & Blowing Leaves

There has always been a debate on whether to mulch the leaves with a mower, rake the leaves, or blow them. Either way it is always a good idea to get them up as too many leaves on the ground can smother and kill your grass.  You can mulch leaves with the mower if there are not too many.  However, if there are a ton, they would smother your grass.  If you did this, I would recommend bagging them with the mower. Raking is good for the yard as it helps remove thatch as well.  Unfortunately, a good sized yard can be back breaking and very time consuming, not to mention the tons of bags left on the curb.  What we do is blow the leaves out to the street.  After that, we will suck them up with a machine. With the right blowers it will also help remove the thatch as well.  There will be no bags left on the street. This seems to be the most cost efficient and a lot less time consuming.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lawn Care Leads

I have had a lot of customers asking me about sites on Google that suggest you click here to get quotes from the top five or ten lawn care companies in your area. Most of the time these are companies that get your information and will sell it to whomever buys it first.  You usually end up receiving calls, emails, and/or quotes from companies that are indeed not the top ten, do not have a license, nor insurance for that matter. Some of these companies might not even be in business the following year or even the next month.  I have always thought this was a misleading way to earn your business. Sometimes you the customer may not even realize it.  I am new to blogging and wanted to start here.  I would appreciate any feedback on this.