Monday, December 9, 2019

Cookies, Cubs, & Cousins

This past weekend, the cat got a hold of one of my beta fish.  I feel just awful.  I mean what a horrible way to go.

I have always been the kind of person that will cry over the death of a pet more so than that of a human being.  I remember the day I lost my mother, I only cried initially when I found out, but it was tears of joy, joy she was no longer suffering.  I was 35 when she passed and thankful I had her active in my growing years.  I think about her often and especially miss her on particular holidays.  But what upsets me the most regarding my mom, is she will never get to meet my wonderful husband, his kids, and her only grandson.  

I recently deleted all of my FaceBook contacts as one morning I woke up and it clicked that social media is a waste of my time.  I only keep the account to manage the Mow & Blow Lawn Service page.  Out of 100 or so friends I deleted, I personally asked to remain in contact with about three or four people.  Of those, are my cousins Tim and Renee, just all around good people.  Every holiday season, I finagle them into sending me Santa's Favorites cookies, formerly known as Jingles.  These were a childhood favorite growing up in Chicago and are not available in the South.

Saturday evening, Renee randomly popped in my head and I questioned if I ever thanked her for this years cookies.  So I sent her a quick message, but she never responded.  Not thinking twice about it, I went on to bed.  My brother called me the following morning to tell me the news.  Renee passed away suddenly the evening before.  We chatted on and off the last few weeks.  She told me about what she did for a living and why she chose that career path.  We discussed the newest manager of the Chicago Cubs, David Ross, and that neither of us care about his lack of management so long as our Cubbies win.

I believe Renee passed away from a blood clot related to that knee surgery.  Nobody was home when it happened.  We are all so shocked as she seemed to be recovering well.  

I have never really been too close with extended family, but her passing makes me sick.  It breaks my heart that such a good woman leaves behind two beautiful children and a wonderful husband.  It breaks my heart even more, that this devastation has occurred less than two weeks before Christmas.  

I stated before I always felt more remorse towards losing a pet than a human relative, but Renee's passing has really hit me hard.  My mother passed away in September of 2016.  Thankfully had my first place Cubbies to get me through that difficult time.  For the first time in 108 years, they ended up winning the World Series that year. 

I love you, Renee and am glad you witnessed our Cubbies go all the way in your lifetime. Say hello to Harry.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Customer Service

Due to recent customer service experiences, I have found inspiration to vent.  We have recently contacted at least 25 different companies throughout DeSoto and Shelby County all the way up to Jackson, Tennessee for a difficult project quote.  Of those 25 companies, only five made contact.  And of those five, I could very easily make at least one complaint about each company.  I will not name names of any, but the first company came highly recommended through a friend.  We are trying to remain patient as we are still tentatively dealing with them, even though there are several communication issues.  We received a separate quote from a company in Jackson, but the guy simply did not quote us on our requests, but what HE deemed feasible.  Another guy never showed the weekend he was scheduled and was nothing but rude when he finally made it.  He behaved in a manner that made us feel like we were a burden.  The next company took several days to return the call and also did not show up when expected.  When he did he was drunk, did nothing but bad mouth the competition, and brag about a law suit in which he was involved.  Finally, the last company that showed was entirely professional, remained in good communication for a few days, but then just ***POOF*** disappeared. 

I was beyond irritated and stressed out dealing with this.  With that being said, the purpose of this blog is to simply let you know to always read the reviews.  If a company has one star on multiple sites, there is probably a reason as to why.   Here at Mow & Blow Lawn Service, LLC we always have and will continue to strive to return every call or service request in a timely manner even if we are booked or if you happen to call the wrong company.  We do not want our clients or potential clients to experience and feel the way we did.